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* God at Work in Papua New Guinea:

Take a glimpse into a missionary life as Bible Translator Lisa Kappeler talks about reaching the Uriay people of Papua New Guinea. The church planting team completed evangelistic Bible lessons in September 2010.
Lisa was a coworker/teacher here at the Missionary Training Center. She took the training that she received here and used it to help plant a church in Papua New Guinea. This video is a wonderful story of how God is building His kingdom in the remote jungles of PNG!

* The Easter Story:

Paiye of the Moi tribe tells the Easter story in his own words.

* AWAYO - Fear to Faith (Moi language with subtitles):

In the remote corners of the world, people groups have existed for generations. They live in fear of the spirits. They die without hope. This is Awayo's story.

* Planting a tribal church:

Planting a church among on an unreached people group is tough. That's why New Tribes Mission provides ongoing training that equips you for each challenge you will face.

* Each Stick Had A Name:

This is a vintage NTM slide show called Each Stick Had A Name. On behalf of his village, Gilimase makes a request to the short-term missions team.

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