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Why do businesses, ministries, and individuals develope web sites?

bulletSales:  increase sales without the overhead of a store front
bulletInformation:  the public uses the internet as a reference medium
bulletCommunication: two way communication with customers and contacts
bulletImage: become a web presence, make contacts, keep contacts
bulletIntegrated databases:  know your contact enviroment and needs

What can we do for you?

We offer Internet web hosting services.

Let us be your host.  Need a URL?   We recommend the following registrar where you may register your domain name: TheRealNic.Com 

E-Commerce Sales oriented Sites
Sales are increased by use of e-commerce.  Use these new technologies to tap into the wealth of the internet.
Clean Informational Sites
Perhaps your business or ministry will benefit best from an informational only site.   This is the most economical way to be present on the Web to draw more contacts, allowing you to determine the amount of public interest without a sales oriented site
Interactive technology
Draw your contacts in to participate in activities that give them the desire to come back. Incorporate forms, email, chat rooms, shopping carts, surveys and other advanced technology..
Useful Databases
Use "mSQL" or "MySQL" database tables to store data to be used by common desktop programs such as Access, Word, Excel, DbaseX, Lotus 1-2-3 and so on.  Analyze the public to see where you stand.  Make decisions based on real-time information.



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