Israel -- Who Knew?

I found the following advertisement on Yahoo. I'm sure that the folks at ad agency who developed this were not dispensational premillennialists. Oh, if only they understood the prophetical implications of their own ad!

God has not given up on historical Israel. He did not renege on His unconditonal promises made to Abraham and David. Israel will enjoy their promised favored nation status during the millennial reign of Christ on earth.

Where can you touch history while feeling the future? ... Israel.

Who knew? Anyone who interprets scripture from a historical-grammatical point of view.

No one deserves God's rich blessings! Not Israel as a nation nor individual sinners. Yet those who have trusted and will trust in Jesus the Promised Messiah shall one day see the reign of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as He sits on David's throne in Jerusalem.

It's true: No one belongs here (Israel). However, through the grace of God which was demonstrated at Calvary's cross, believers of all ages will some day enjoy the benevolent reign of Christ on earth for a thousand years.

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