Partners Needed

What you can't accomplish alone, you often can with a partner. Two World War II veterans once taught this simple truth to a popular entertainer of their day.

Shortly after World War II had ended, Jimmy Durante was asked to perform one of his popular acts in a show for World War II veterans. Upon reviewing his busy schedule Durante determined that he could perform nothing more than a brief, five-minute monologue before he would need to leave for another engagement. He told the show's director and the director gladly accepted his offer.

The day of the show arrived and the audience was filled with veterans, eager for a good show. Jimmy Durante took the stage and proceeded with the short monologue he had planned. Five minutes passed. He continued. Another five minutes passed. And he still continued to the growing applause of his audience. Another five minutes passed. Then ten, fifteen, and twenty. The applause grew louder with every minute until finally, after thirty minutes Jimmy Durante took one last bow and left the stage. Backstage he was stopped by a spectator and asked how he had the time to stay so long since it was understood he had to leave for another show.

Jimmy replied, "I did have to leave, but there's a reason I stayed. You can see for yourself if you look on the front row." Seated on the front row were two veterans who had each lost an arm in the war. One, his left arm and the other his right. Together they were able to clap. And that's just what they did--loudly, with huge smiles on their faces.

What Jimmy Durante witnessed that day was a testimony of partnership. The two veterans did together what they couldn't have done alone. That's the essence of partnerships. Accomplishing more. Attempting more. Envisioning more. We each become more effective in what we do when we realize that partnerships increase our potential--in more ways than one.

What the two veterans could not do by themselves, they accomplished together. The same is true in the task of world evangelism. This job of taking the gospel to those who have never had a chance to hear would be impossible, except for partners!

I would love to have you as my partner helping to train missionary candidates to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

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