Who Won the Tour de France?
by Bob Nyberg -- Update: June 2012

Lance Armstrong won… or did he???

Lance Armstrong was noted for winning the Tour de France. But did he really win? You see the Tour de France is a team sport even though individuals seem to get all the recognition. Lance rode for the U. S. Postal Service Team. His teammates put him in a position to win the Tour de France. To say that Lance Armstrong (by himself) won would be like saying that Eli Manning won the Super Bowl last year.

I remember watching some of the Tour de France back in 2001. The U. S. Postal Team was in the front of the peloton (the main pack of riders). Lance was in the middle of his team allowing them to break the wind for him. Two members of Lance's team dropped to the back of the peloton. At first I thought that something was wrong, but that was not the case. Once they got to the back of the pack, they rode near a U. S. Postal Service car that was following the peloton. Then they grabbed a bunch of water bottles and stuffed them in a pack on their back. After picking up the water, they made their way toward the front again. Once they had caught up to the rest of U. S. Postal Service Team, then they distributed their precious cargo to their teammates. These riders have a special name. They are called “domestics”. Their sole purpose is to make sure that the rest of their team has the supplies that they need to carry them through the race.

Who is the most important member?

Many of us have heard the name Lance Armstrong, but how many of us can name even one other member of the U. S. Postal Service Team? Can you name any of the domestics on their team?

Did you know that New Tribes Mission has domestics? There are people living in towns who buy supplies for the tribal missionaries. There are pilots who fly those supplies into the tribal locations. There are teachers here in the United States who train potential tribal missionaries. Which member of the team is more important?

Lance could not have won the Tour de France without the help of his teammates. The domestics were just as much a winner of the Tour de France as Lance was. So too, tribal missionaries could not do their job without the supporting cast of “domestics” behind them.

Why the U. S. Postal Service?

Have you ever wondered why Lance rode for the U. S. Postal Service? Why didn't he form his own team and call it “The Lance Armstrong Team”? The U. S. Postal Service sponsored the team. Without their support, Lance's team would have to turn elsewhere for funds.

So which member of the team is the most important? All the riders have a vital part in the race. However, any individual rider could probably be replaced. But what if the U. S. Postal Service withdrew their support of the team? Lance and his buddies would have been between a rock and a hard place!

If there is one key individual on the team taking the gospel to the remote corners of the earth I would say that it's those people who support and pray for missionaries. As far as I'm concerned, you are the most important part of my ministry. Without my support team who sponsor in this work, I would be between a rock and a hard place!
Thanks to all who are a part of my team!

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Because of Calvary,

Bob Nyberg

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